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Meet the Traditionalist. Clad in a three-piece suit with matching tie and handkerchief, Mr. Traditionalist—we’ll call him Trad—has just celebrated his 40th anniversary with the company. He always arrives at work wearing a starched shirt and tie clip claiming “casual day is on Saturday.” To him, grey hair is a sign of nobility and experience, not old age. Trad drives a silver Pontiac that rivals most small boats in size, but he wouldn’t buy anything else; he’s extremely brand loyal. His car radio is preset to news or talk shows, and he reads the newspaper every day.

Trad loves to tell younger employees that he’ll e-mail them even though his secretary is the only one with a computer! He always thinks before he speaks, taking long pensive pauses filled with deep breaths and sighs in the middle of sentences. He is serious but not grumpy and responds to any bit of humor with his three-beat, closed mouth chuckle.

Trad is a card carrying member of the local Lion’s Club and frequents the community center where he and his wife are enrolled in ballroom dance. He also carries a pocket sized version of the company mission statement in his wallet and quotes it often being sure to explain the difference between a “mission” and a “vision.” His health is great, he’s worked hard, planned and saved, and has no plans of slowing down or even considering the “R” word (retirement).