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Meet Boomer—promotional speaker, co-author and self marketing manager. He has more titles than hair. Walking through the office, it is never hard to spot Boomer. He always sports a short-sleeved Polo shirt with an embroidered logo of the client company he’s meeting with later that day. The back pockets of his no-wrinkle khaki Dockers are so full, it is difficult for him to sit comfortably at a conference table. He never leaves the house without a wallet stuffed with business cards and a small black comb he uses to try concealing his bald spot.

Step into Boomer’s office. Many have mistaken it for a Successories store. Posters, paperweights and pens don sayings about Determination, Journey and Integrity. Boomer often quotes them through a broad, full-toothed smile. His fixed grin and bubbly enthusiasm leave co-workers wondering if he was the host they saw on the QVC Home Shopping Network the night before. He loves to name drop and obsess over job titles. Imagine giving a summer intern a 10-word title! He loves to let people know he’s read the latest and greatest savvy business books and doesn’t preset his radio because he’s too busy listening to motivational cassette tapes.