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“What up, I’m M.” Famous words from our Millennial better known as “M.” This over-enthusiastic, perky, fast-talking computer geek is so thrilled to be entering the workplace! However, after the first week, he leaves his tie at home and after a couple more, he’s traded his dress-up shoes for Nike flip-flops.

In order to communicate with M, co-workers may need to learn a whole new language. M expresses emotions with a colon and parenthesis—a smiley face—and signs off with a TTYL, BRB, and LOL; his e-mails are like Morse code. Up until he was hired, M only knew the term “Real World” as a show on MTV and talks about the reality characters Puck and Trishelle as though they’ve known each other for years. To this Millennial, the term “geek” is nothing short of the ultimate computer compliment. He prides himself on knowing every keyboard shortcut and avoids the mouse at all costs.

M handles his bill paying on-line too; he couldn’t find his actual bank building for all the RAM in the world. He is so obsessed with the latest technology, he throws practicality out the window. Instead of poking his head over his half-wall cubicle to ask a question, he’ll send an instant message. (IM for those of us in the know!) He loves text messaging even though it takes five times longer than leaving voicemail. He likes to read his online newspaper, check his e-mail, update his reports, finish his latest project, schedule his afternoon meeting, and chat with the CEO about jpegs and DSL. The real mystery? How does he do it all at the same time while calmly sipping his soy-milk, half decaf, caramel macchiato?