TimesFour takes corporate entertainment to a whole new level where fun and humor meet strategy and education.

It’s unique… Prepare to enter a world where mission statements, job titles and voicemail highlight the gaps between the generations like never before! TimesFour takes you on a fantastic ride with the generations we work, live and play with—Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials.

It’s customized… TimesFour makes your entire company part of the show. It’s highly customized entertainment that can expose everything from a CEO’s high school GPA to the latest company initiative.

It’s for everyone… Hard to find something that will please everyone from the new Millennial intern to the seasoned Traditionalist CEO? Look no further…TimesFour not only plays well to every generation, it brings them together.

It’s educational… Have you ever wondered why your boss insists on carrying a handkerchief instead of Kleenex? Have you ever been completely confused when your co-worker leaves work early to attend t-ball practice? TimesFour is the perfect way to understand generational differences in your workplace—and to laugh and learn from them as well.

And …It’s 45 to 90 minutes of pure FUN!